• Provides a functional set of teeth
  • Natural looking
  • New comfortable technology
  • Improves facial definition
  • Easy to remove
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About Dentures

Dentures are removable false teeth attached to a plastic called acrylic, or metal called cobalt. Dentures are designed to provide you with a natural smile and will also keep your face from sagging.

Not all dentures are the same and here at Coastal Dental Care, we measure your mouth ensuring you have a set of dentures made to closely resemble your natural teeth, so that little change in appearance will be noticeable.

Dentures will improve the look of your smile and help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. Dentures improve chewing ability and speech while providing support for facial muscles.

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. The team at Coastal Dental Care will work with you to determine the best form of denture treatment for your individual needs.

Full (Complete) Dentures

Full or complete dentures are most popular with patients looking to replace an entire set of teeth, this could be the top arch, bottom arch or in some cases both. A higher number of patients receiving full dentures may require their last few teeth be removed prior to treatment commencing, this will promote good oral health. In these cases a short healing time will be required, this is typically around three months and will allow the gums to fully heal.

Partial Dentures

Patients who are only suffering from the loss of a small number of teeth and don’t require a full arch of new teeth, have the option of partial dentures. For patients with one or more fully functioning natural teeth, partial dentures offer a solution for filling gaps, whilst allowing healthy natural teeth to remain.

Partial dentures can also provide guidance for remaining teeth, ensuring they do not become misaligned over time due to issues with gaps. Not requiring surgery and very limited downtime makes partial dentures a popular choice for patients looking to replace one or multiple teeth in a timely manner.

Partial dentures are a fully removable and are held in using the patient’s natural teeth for retention . Each of our patients is unique and so are their needs, for this reason our highly trained and friendly staff will discuss with you, your options once they have assessed your oral health.

The benefits of dentures

Providing an efficient method of replacing a number of teeth using just the one prosthetic, dentures are a popular choice for patients. Providing increased functionality including the ability to speak and eat naturally, as well as providing prevention against teeth becoming misaligned and crooked.

Dentures Gold Coast

Coastal Dental Care take pride in ensuring we find the best possible treatment for each of our patients oral health care needs. When you first book an appointment with our practice our friendly team will fully assess your oral health and explain all of your treatment options prior to commencing any work. If you suffer from lost teeth and believe that dentures may be an option worth considering please don’t hesitate to give our practice a call and discuss your options.

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