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Mudgeeraba welcomes OHT Meilee Ovcaric

Meilee Ovcaric Oral Health Therapist

Coastal Dental Care Mudgeeraba is very excited to announce Oral Health Therapist Meilee Ovcaric is joining the team! Our practice is conveniently located in the Mudgeeraba Marketplace surrounded by local shops and cafés. About Meilee Ovcaric Our core admiration for Meilee is her absolute dedication to her patients. She is…

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Explained

man with sleep apnea snoring woman covering her ears

Snoring and teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism) can be two relatively common occurrences during sleep. However, both can be signs of a more serious medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? People who suffer from OSA can stop breathing during sleep due to a complete or…

Coastal Dental Care Awards Night 2018

Franck and Anthony Awards Night 2018

Another great year, another great awards night. Big smiles were on the faces of all the attendees of the annual Coastal Dental Care awards night which took place on Saturday, 17th November 2018. The Mercure Gold Coast Resort hosted the cocktail dress-up themed event this year. More than 180 of…

Should You Use a Pacifier? – Dr Noopur Sharma

Baby Sleeping with Pacifier

When it comes to a pacifier, there can be a lot of conflicting and often misleading information on the effects it has on tooth development. Our Redland Bay dentist, Dr Noopur Sharma and mum of two, shares her expertise and advise on the topic of pacifiers and how to get…

Robina Village Extension Grand Opening

Robina Village Grand Opening Big Tooth Todd

Coastal Dental Care Robina Village celebrated their extension grand opening on Saturday 20th October 2018. The event was held at their newly renovated practice in the Robina Shopping Village. With increasing demand from their patients, Robina Village extended into the tenancy of their neighbouring shop. With the completed renovations, the…

Burleigh Waters Welcomes Dentist Dr Danielle Vertesi

Dr Danielle Vertesi Burleigh Waters Dentist

We are very excited to announce Dr Danielle Vertesi has joined our Burleigh Waters team! We are looking forward to the expertise and kind nature she will bring to our practice. Coastal Dental Care Burleigh Waters is located in Treeview Drive Shopping Village. Situated 1 minute from Christine Ave, just…

Mythbusting Sports Drinks and Supplements

male athlete having a sports drink

It is great to see so many people leading active healthy lifestyles but we are often exposed to so many foods, drinks and supplements that claim to be ‘healthy’. A lot of these supplements and sports drinks are poor substitutes for simple hydration with water. Our Burleigh Waters dentist Dr…

Coastal Dental Care joins TerraCycle Oral Care Recycling Program

terracycle recycling program at coastal dental care

At Coastal Dental Care, we look after the oral health of the Gold Coast, Redland Bay and Tweed Coast. However, it is not only your oral health we are interested in – we are also interested in the health of the planet. To help reduce our impact, we have joined…

Facial Injections Commonly Asked Questions

Coastal dental care

Our Coastal Dental Care practices at Kingscliff and Banora Point offer facial injections. For many, this is not a treatment they commonly associate with dentistry. Although, facial injections can be used by dentists to treat oral health issues (e.g. teeth grinding), they can also provide the treatment for aesthetic reasons.…

Dr Peta O’Keeffe Addresses Dental Fear

dr peta o'keeffe about dental fear

If you fear going to the dentist, you are certainly not alone. Dental fear, anxiety or phobia is indeed a universal phenomenon. Our Coastal Dental Care Mudgeeraba dentist Dr Peta O’Keeffe explains what she does to help her patients to overcome the fear of the dentist. Up to 80 percent…

Tugun Welcomes Dentist Dr Demetrio Pina

Dr Demetrio Pina Dentist Tugun

We are very delighted to welcome dentist Dr Demetrio Pina to our Coastal Dental Care Tugun team. Our Coastal Dental Care practice is located in Tugun, which boasts a relaxing atmosphere, local café’s and sandy beaches. A few minutes from the beach, just off the Gold Coast highway you will…

Teeth Grinding in Children

girl teeth grinding on grey background

When your child is grinding or clenching their teeth it can be quite concerning. There are also many reasons why teeth grinding, or bruxism may have developed. Dr Bethany Mylchreest, head dentist and owner of Coastal Dental Care Banora Point, has answered some common questions on why your child may…

Why is it important to see the dentist regularly?

Check-up Clean Dentist Happy Patient

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) is a national body that recommends seeing the dentist every 6 months. But why is it so import to see the dentist regularly? This is because a 6-monthly check-up and clean can help keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as help detect diseases…

The Coastal Dental Care Kombucha Test

kombucha test 4 kombuchas 4 glasses

With temperatures finally on the rise on the coast after a way too long winter, the thirst for refreshing drinks returns. May it be on the beach after a quick surf or walk, after an outdoor workout or when picking the children up from school, sometimes a flavoured fizzy drink…

Top 10 Tips to Improve Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth Female

When teeth become sensitive it can make eating and drinking your favourite foods difficult. For some, they avoid certain types of foods altogether. Teeth become hypersensitive when the protective layer of your tooth (the enamel) becomes exposed or worn down. This exposes the tooth's internal nerves to the foods you…

Dr Noopur Sharma Returns From Maternity Leave

dr noopur sharma dentist redland bay returns from maternity leave

At Coastal Dental Care, we love to provide dentistry for the whole family. Our dentist at Coastal Dental Care Redland Bay, Noopur Sharma, has just returned from maternity leave. We caught up with Noopur and asked her how she is settling back into work, what’s changed and of course some…

Dr William Dear About Continuing Education for Dentists

dr william dear master's degree graduation celebration

At Coastal Dental Care, we constantly strive to deliver a great patient experience. A part of this initiative is the continuing education of our dentists and staff. Dr William Dear, owner and dentist at Coastal Dental Care Runaway Bay has just completed his Master’s Degree in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.…

7 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Dental Health | Dental Health Week

Tips For Kids Dental Care

This year’s Dental Health Week is all about “Watch Your Mouth – Not just your teeth. Not just your gums. Your whole mouth”. The major annual oral health promotion event of the Australian Dental Association takes place from the 6th - 12th of August 2018. Good dental habits should be…

How to Brush Teeth – For Kids

child and mother brush teeth

Start your child on a good oral health journey by introducing proper hygiene routines from a young age. Establishing healthy habits from childhood is fundamental for developing strong adult teeth. How to brush teeth Choose a toothbrush that has a small head, gentle bristles and can fit easily into your…

Coastal Dental Care supports Premier Invitational Soccer Tournament

coastal dental care flags at premier invitational soccer tournament

The Premier Invitational is a well-established soccer tournament organised by Magic United and the Total Football Academy. The 7-day annual competition took place for the 7th time in 2018 and saw more than 100 teams with close to 2,000 players competing for the Premier Invitational title. Coastal Dental Care is…

What is a Tooth Filling?

girl in dental chair for tooth filling

A tooth filling is where material (such as porcelain inlay/onlay or composite) is inserted into a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its original shape and function. This can be either a dental inlay (fills centre of tooth) or onlay (more extensive than an inlay and can cover up to…

Private Health Funds at Coastal Dental Care

family under roof with private health fund logos

Choosing the right health fund for you and your family can be a complex process. You will need to consider the type of cover you want (hospital and/or extras), the level of cover you need (often several categories from basic cover to top cover), decide about excess payments, and overall…

Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach Presents New Cerec Machine

Cabarita Beach Cerec Machine for Same-Day Crowns on wooden cabinet

Coastal Dental Care Cabarita Beach welcomes the introduction of their new Cerec machine which allows their practice to offer patients same-day crowns. Fostering new technology into our practices is a process we encourage and strive for on a regular basis at Coastal Dental Care. Interestingly, the introduction of Cabarita Beach’s…

Coastal Dental Care Expands Facilities at Robina Village

coming soon dentist robina shop front

We are very excited to announce that we are currently expanding our Coastal Dental Care practice at Robina Village located in the Robina Shopping Village. A few weeks ago, we obtained next door's tenancy to expand our current practice. The construction work is currently in progress and we are eager…

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