Restorative Dentistry Gold Coast

Restorative dentistry at Coastal Dental Care

With severaldental practices across South East Queensland and Northern NSW, Coastal Dental Care provides a variety of treatments to help patients get the best treatment for their oral health needs.

Our range of restorative treatments:

If you have had root canal therapy, chipped or cracked a tooth you may require a dental crown. This is a porcelain restoration that protects your tooth from further damage. It should be noted that a tooth with a dental crown can still suffer from decay and gum disease. For a missing tooth there is no better treatment than dental implant treatment. This not only replaces the crown of your tooth but the root also.

For patients who are edentulous (have no teeth) a full denture is advisable. Some dental practices may offer implant-supported dentures, but we recommend calling your closest CDC dental practice to see how they can help you.

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