Teeth whitening for $495* on the Gold Coast QLD

Whitening ProcedureWhat’s Involved?Treatment LengthNumber Of Visits
Teeth whitening – quickly brighten your smile, and can reduce stains and discolourationWe offer Philips Zoom! in-chair and take-home whitening. The in-chair treatment can whiten your smile by up to 8 shades in as little as an hourAs little as 45 minutesBetween 1 and 2 visits, depending on the case

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Teeth whitening Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales

Are your teeth lacking that brilliant, white look? Our CDC dental practices offers tooth whitening treatments on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. A great smile is a great asset. With our teeth whitening treatments you can quickly brighten your smile reducing stains and discolouration.

Philips Zoom! in-chair and take-home whitening

As one of the most trusted teeth whitening treatments available, CDC dental practices offer Philips Zoom! teeth whitening. This safe and effective formula has been proven to achieve outstanding results for patients all over the world. Philips Zoom! advanced LED light technology is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in just one 45-minute visit.

The treatment works as the hydrogen peroxide gel is broken down by the activated light. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, and remove any stains or discolouration without damage to your teeth.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons. Everyday activities such as your dietary and social habits can have a significant effect on the colour of your teeth. The following food and drink can stain your teeth:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Red wine
  • Tobacco
  • Antibiotics

Teeth whitening treatment uses a bleaching product to dramatically lighten and brighten your smile. This treatment is a great way to revamp the colour of your teeth, is safe and provides exceptional results. Now the most popular form of cosmetic dental treatment, teeth whitening can be the quickest, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Why teeth whitening by a dentist is better for you

Whitening strips are not good: while they may initially whiten your teeth, they often cause damage to the tooth enamel. Whitening strips can dehydrate your teeth giving the illusion that your teeth are whiter, while causing significant damage. By visiting a dentist for your teeth whitening needs we can assess your oral health and determine what the best course of action is for your teeth. In-chair teeth whitening treatments generally take between one to two hours and whiten your teeth up to eight shades.

You can get similar results with take home kits from our dental practices. However, while in chair teeth whitening treatments take an hour or two; it can up to two weeks for take home kits to start showing the same results.

Whiter Smile with the CDC dental practices

With a network of dentists across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, the CDC dental practices can help you get a whiter, brighter smile. A beautiful vibrant smile is an asset everyone desires and now it can be easily attained through our advanced systems of teeth whitening. Ask one of our friendly staff or dentists for more information.

*T&Cs: consultation and after-care pack complimentary, if you require a check-up and clean: the teeth whitening cost does not cover this.

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teeth whitening for $495


Teeth Whitening

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*T&Cs: consultation & after-care pack complimentary, if you require a check-up and clean: teeth whitening cost does not cover this.
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